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High Quality Authentic Spices

From Spanish Sea Salt flakes to Turkish Urfa Biber Chilli Flakes, we carry authentically sourced spices from all around the world.

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Specialty Oils & Vinegars

Sourced from the Mediterranean, our Single-Estate Extra-Virgin Olive Oils and wide array of delicious vinegars are to die for.

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Cocktail Ingredients

Everything you need to make the best cocktails, including bitters, mixers, flavourings and extracts. Don't forget to check out our Products In Syrup section for more cocktail ingredients! 

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Superfoods for Optimal Health

Offering a wide range of single-ingredient superfood powders, and ready-made smoothie or latte blends for an easy boost to your general health.

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David's Food Blends 

Your Canadian source of spices and food blends mixed in-house  using quality ingredients, including salt-free BBQ spices and superfood smoothie mixes for optimal health.  

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Grains, Nuts, Rices, Beans

Your one-stop-shop for a variety of grains, nuts, rices, flours, beans and lentils. Our pistachio paste is to die for!

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Multipurpose Powders

Powders for various purposes including stabilizers, thickeners, gelling, preserving and sweetening. Everything you need for molecular gastronomy is here!

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Fruits, Veggies, Mushrooms

Delicious and healthy freeze-dried fruits and veggies, both whole and powdered. Also offering delicious dried gourmet mushrooms to heighten your plate. 

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Baking Décor

Take your food aesthetics to the next level with our selection of food colourings, or our décor items which include edible gold or silver flakes, metallic powders to give your foods an expensive shine, wafers or no-melt sugar!

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