7 Mushroom Smoothie Mix 100 g Davids


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15.90 CA$

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    A premium 7 Mushroom Smoothie Mix of the some of the most nutritional mushrooms in the world: oyster mushrooms, shiitake, maitake, chaga, reishi, cordyceps, porcini. Add to your coffee, latte, tea, smoothie, shake, or anything else you can think of to reap the incredible benefits of this powerhouse mushroom combination.

    Eliminate guesswork by choosing spice combinations that complement flavours perfectly. Infuse the delicious flavour of faraway lands without ever leaving the kitchen.

    David’s Condiments produces heart-friendly gourmet seasonings and food products made with no artificial preservatives. Our gourmet pastes, marinades and rubs appear nationwide in gourmet outlets, supermarkets and internationally renowned restaurants.

    We believe that the integrity of these products speak for themselves and we are proud to offer these no sodium-food choices. We are re-inventing the way you look at health and food.